Bankruptcy Debtor Education Disclosure

Second Bankruptcy Course, LLC (Second Bankruptcy Course) is required to disclose the following to you:

Approval: Second Bankruptcy Course LLC is approved by the United States Trustee to issue certificates in compliance with the Bankruptcy Code. Approval does not endorse or assure the quality of a Provider’s services. Second Bankruptcy Course is also approved to issue certificates in compliance with the Bankruptcy Code by the Bankruptcy Administrators in the Northern, Middle and Southern Districts of Alabama, and the Eastern, Middle and Western Districts of North Carolina.

Course Fee Policy: For an individual or joint bankruptcy, the cost of the bankruptcy debtor education course is $20. The fee is the same regardless of the course delivery method selected, Internet or telephone. Payment can be made by debit card, credit card or prepaid card. No additional fees are charged for the generation of the certificate upon the successful completion of the course.

Refund Policy: If requested, Second Bankruptcy Course will provide refunds according to the following guidelines: (1) If a person completes the course and a certificate is requested and issued, no refund will be provided; (2) Otherwise, a refund for the amount paid less a $5 fee for expenses incurred will be issued. A refund must be requested within 30 days of payment.

Debtor’s Inability to Pay: Second Bankruptcy Course provides its approved instructional course to debtor students without regard to the student’s ability to pay the fee. Please view Second Bankruptcy Course’s fee waiver policy for debtors who are unable to pay for the course.

Debtors with Limited English Proficiency: Second Bankruptcy Course offers its instructional course in Spanish as well as English. Debtors who are not proficient in either English or Spanish should visit The United States Department of Justice Trustee Program's website for assistance in obtaining a course in his/her native language.

Instructors’ Qualifications: The Second Bankruptcy Course instructor that will be delivering your bankruptcy debtor education is an experienced and trained professional. Instructors either hold a teaching certificate or have been certified as a personal finance counselor by a third-party organization.

Referral Fees Prohibited: Second Bankruptcy Course does not pay or receive fees or other consideration for the referral of customers to Second Bankruptcy Course.

Course Administration: In order to take the course, the debtor student must provide a valid bankruptcy case number. All debtor students must remain within the course and its content for a minimum of two (2) hours and successfully complete a Final Test covering course content. Second Bankruptcy Course is not responsible for any client-side technical problems or challenges. These include but are not limited to the basic understanding of how to operate a telephone, computer or mobile device; the compatibility of your telephone, computer, or mobile device with the course; the availability or speed of any Internet connectivity; and the use of any necessary software applications or programs.

Certificate Issuance: A debtor will only receive a certificate if the debtor completes the bankruptcy debtor education course. Upon debtor’s completion of the course, Second Bankruptcy Course has the obligation to promptly provide a certificate of course completion to the debtor student. If requested, Second Bankruptcy Course may also provide debtor’s attorney and /or bankruptcy judge/trustee with copies of the certificate, as well as any other required information gathered during the counseling session. In the absence of such a request, the debtor student, and not Second Bankruptcy Course, is responsible for providing a copy of the certificate of completion to their attorney and/or the court.

Privacy Policy: Your privacy is important to us. We make certain that all information shared orally, electronically, and in writing will be managed within all applicable legal and ethical considerations. We will take precautions to disclose information only to those who have a right to know. Please be aware that Second Bankruptcy Course might disclose debtor information to the United States Trustee in the following circumstances: in connection with the United States Trustee’s oversight of our program; during the United States Trustee’s investigation of complaints; during onsite visits by the United States Trustee; and/or during a quality of service review conducted by the United States Trustee. Our privacy policy is available online or upon request.

You may contact us at any time if you have any questions or concerns.